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Contact Us

City Manager's Office - Economic Development Department

The Economic Development Department is the main department to contact for the Tustin Legacy project. The Department is responsible for development activity, real estate transactions, property and site management, affordable housing and hangar activities.

  • General Phone Number: 714-573-3117
  • John A. Buchanan, Director of Economic Development: 714-573-3117
  • Matthew S. West, Deputy City Manager: 714-573-3116
  • Jerry Craig, Economic Development & Housing Manager: 714-573-3121
  • Ryan Swiontek, Economic Development Project Manager: 714-573-3123
  • Kenneth Piguee, Management Analyst: 714-573-3316
  • Janine Hernandez, Management Assistant: 714-573-3133
  • Leah Ostashay, Administrative Assistant: 714-573-3117

Public Works

  • General Phone Number: 714-573-3150
  • Doug Stack, Director: 714-573-3150
  • Ken Nishikawa, Deputy Director: 714-573-3389
  • Benny Tenkean, Principal Engineer: 714-573-3161
  • Krys Saldivar, Manager: 714-573-3172

Community Development

The Community Development Department’s role within the Tustin Legacy Area is to implement the MCAS Tustin Specific Plan to achieve balanced development of residential, commercial, and employment uses, well connected by a variety of transportation modes, parks and open space. The Department holds primary responsibility for planning, administering and monitoring development activities associated with Tustin Legacy. In addition, the Department is responsible for reviewing entitlements and for the approval of building plan checks and inspections.

  • General Phone Number: 714-573-3140
  • Elizabeth Binsack, Director: 714-573-3140
  • Justin Willkom, Assistant Director - Planning: 714-573-3115
  • Dana Ogdon, Assistant Director - Building: 714-573-3109

Parks and Recreation

  • General Phone Number: 714-573-3326
  • David Wilson, Director: 714-573-3326
  • Chad Clanton, Deputy Director: 714-573-3332