Parks & Open Space

Parks & Open Space

Existing Parks

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Located at the corner of Park Avenue and Victory Road, this park features a large interactive playground, a grassy play mound with lookout point, a picnic pavilion and BBQ facilities, shaded respite cabanas, a great lawn area and a Victory Garden with educational opportunities related to the Tustin Hangars.

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  • Size: Varies
  • Location: Throughout Tustin Legacy

The various neighborhoods throughout Tustin Legacy feature small neighborhood parks for the residents to enjoy. Some of these parks have public accessibility while others are limited to private use. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department for more information.

Future Parks

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  • Size: 26 acres (Phase 1)
  • Location: Corner of Red Hill Avenue and Barranca Parkway
  • Status: Phase 1A Complete, Phase 1B Under Construction

Tustin Legacy Park will be one of the prominent features of Tustin Legacy. The park is anticipated to connect all of Tustin Legacy from the Metrolink Station near the corner of Jamboree Road and Edinger Avenue to the corner of Red Hill Avenue and Barranca Parkway.

The first phase of Legacy Park runs from the corner of Red Hill Avenue and Barranca Parkway to Armstrong Avenue and is approximately 26 acres. This phase will be a passive park, with trails and open space areas. The FLIGHT at Tustin Legacy project will be adjacent to this phase of the park, making it an attractive amenity for future employees.

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  • Size: 31.5 acres
  • Location: Corner of Severyns Road and Valencia Avenue
  • Anticipated Completion: Winter 2019

Veterans Sports Park will contain a wide range of recreational facilities including softball, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, racquetball, and volleyball facilities. The park will also include a passive recreation area, a veterans memorial feature and an active play environment.

Construction of this park is being split into 2 phases. Phase 1 (grading and utilities) was completed in early 2018. Phase 2 (park improvements) will be complete in winter 2019.

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  • Size: 84 acres
  • Location: Corner of Valencia Avenue and Armstrong Avenue
  • More Information:

The County of Orange has proposed the development of an 84-acre urban regional park in Tustin Legacy. Development of the site may also involve retrofit of the large blimp hangar if feasible. Since the site is not anticipated to be conveyed to the County by the Navy in the near future, planning efforts will continue until a more definitive schedule for the County’s receipt of the site can be determined. Delays in development are largely a result of active environmental remediation which the Navy is still undertaking on the site. The partial collapse of the north hangar has also delayed development.