Renting the Hangar

Renting the Hangar


The Tustin Hangars have seen a variety of uses over their lifetimes. Temporary uses such as filming, events and storage have been the most frequent since MCAS Tustin closed in 1999. In the past, major films such as Austin Powers (1997), Pearl Harbor (2000), and Star Trek (2009) utilized these buildings because of their unique size and architecture.

The City of Tustin currently rents out the South Hangar (near the District) for temporary uses on a case-by-case basis. The North Hangar (near Veterans Sports Park) is not usable at this time. While the City is open to any and all use proposals, not all uses can or will be approved. 

In recent years, major companies such as Acura, Audi, Chevrolet, Disney, Goodyear, H&M, Lexus, Lincoln, Nike and Tesla have used the South Hangar for filming or other temporary uses.The City hopes to expand the use of this amazing building for filming and other temporary uses. Below is a brief video with more information on the building and some recent uses.

The Building

The South Hangar is a WW-II era blimp hangar that stands over 17 stories tall and contains almost 7 acres of covered space. The building is 300' (W) x 1000' (L) x 160' (H), making it one of the most unique spaces in the world. Whether you are interested in amazing architecture, a secluded location or just a large space, the South Hangar can meet your needs.

Please click here for recent photos of the building.


The City's current starting rate for daily use of the hangar is $9,000. The $9,000 includes:

  • Interior space rental and exterior parking/staging
  • City permit fees
  • City staff time during regular business hours

The $9,000 does not include:

  • Utilities (see limitations section)
  • Staff time outside of regular business hours
  • Large door generators (see limitations section)
  • Floor cleaning (see limitations section)
  • Police or Fire (if necessary)


At this time, the South Hangar has several limitations that may impact the budget for your specific use.

First, the building is not currently connected to any utilities (power, water, sewer, storm drain). This means that none of the existing equipment inside of the building can be utilized and that power, bathrooms, water etc must all be brought in separately at your expense.

Second, the large hangar doors (4 total) are not operable since there is no power connected to the building. The City's contractor can provide generators for each door at a cost of approximately $1,500 per door, per week.

Third, all tenants must pay to have the floor cleaned after their use. The maximum cost at this time is approximately $15,000, but in most cases the cost is much less.

Useful Documents

More Information

More information can be obtained by calling the City's Economic Development Department at 714-573-3117