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Emergency Drought Regulations

For Tustin Water Service Customers

In response to Statewide Emergency Drought Regulations, the Tustin City Council updated the Water Management Plan on May 20, 2015.  The City is still operating under Stage 2 Water Alert, as declared by the City Council on August 5, 2014.  The City of Tustin is being required to reduce urban water use by 28%.  The requirements of Stage 2 have been updated to provide customers with specific actions that will help meet the conservation target.


  • Designated Irrigation Days – April 1 through October 31
    • Even numbered addresses – Tuesday and Saturday
    • Odd numbered addresses – Wednesday and Sunday
  • Designated Irrigation Days – November 1 through March 31
    • Even numbered addresses – Tuesday
    • Odd numbered addresses – Wednesday
  • NO outside irrigation between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  • NO outside irrigation during and 48 hours following measurable rain (1/4 inch)
  • NO “dump and fill” pool maintenance.
  • Do not wash down any hard surfaces, except to alleviate immediate fire or sanitation hazard.
  • Washing of any type of vehicle shallbedonewitha hand-heldbucketorahand-heldhoseequippedwithapositiveshut-offnozzleforquickrinses.Washingispermittedat acommercialcarwash. Garbage trucksandvehiclesusedtotransportfoodand perishables are exempt.
  • Wateringparks,schoolgrounds,publicfacilitiesandrecreationalfieldsisnotpermittedbetweenthehoursof6:00a.m.and6:00p.m.
  • Restaurantsshallnotservewatertocustomersexceptwhenrequested.
  • Hotels and motels must provide guests with the option to have towels and linens laundered daily.
  • Theoperationofanyornamentalfountainorsimilarstructureisprohibitedunlessrecycledwaterisused.
  • Agriculture users and commercial nurseries are exempt, but required to curtail all non-essential water use.
  • Customers that utilize turf for beneficial public use may apply for an exemption from the designated irrigation day provision by submitting a conservation plan that reduces potable water use by the amount required by the State Water Resources Control Board.

For Tustin residents serviced by the Irvine Ranch Water District, please visit for additional information regarding drought related changes to your water service and rates.  

( Urgency Ordinance Agenda Report )