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New bike/pedestrian bridge coming to Tustin Legacy!

Project Summary

Biking and walking are healthy and fun alternatives to motorized traffic.  The Armstrong Avenue Bridge is part of a vast bike/pedestrian circulation network proposed in the Tustin Legacy that would offer a great opportunity to improve bike and pedestrian safety at busy roadway crossings, reduce traffic, and increase the health of Tustin and non-Tustin residents seeking a stress free biking or walking environment without the worry of vehicles. Tustin Legacy is a 1,600-acre community located on what used to be Marine Corps Air Station – Tustin, and a bicycle/pedestrian bridge would connect thousands of residents to a unique mixture of housing, commercial space, shopping, and dining opportunities.

Benefits of a bicycle/pedestrian bridge include:

  • Increased bike and pedestrian safety – in Orange County, a pedestrian is struck and killed by a motor vehicle every six days. Accidents involving bicyclists have risen 40% in Orange County since 2002.  In Tustin alone, there were 349 collisions involving bicycles in 2013 (the most recent year for which data has been recorded).  A pedestrian and bicycle bridge would separate pedestrians and bicyclists from vehicle traffic and allow for safe, uninterrupted access to the various businesses and amenities.


  • Traffic Reduction – every day more than 114,000 vehicles travel through the roadways of Red Hill Avenue, Tustin Ranch Road and Jamboree Road with most headed to a massive employment center known as the Irvine Business Complex to the south.  Increased numbers of bicyclists and pedestrians will lead to fewer vehicles on these roads.


  • Improved Health – A National Health Interview Survey found that 53% of adult men and 64% of adult women never get more than 10 minutes of vigorous physical exercise per week.  Even small increases in physical activity will produce measurable health benefits.  A bicycle/pedestrian bridge will make healthy lifestyle easier and more accessible for all users.


  • Environmental Benefits – According to the EPA, motorized traffic is responsible for nearly 80% of carbon monoxide and 55% of nitrogen oxide emissions in the United States.  A SMARTTRAQ analysis found that travel patterns of residents in lesser walkable neighborhoods generated about 20% higher CO2 emissions than neighborhoods with high walkability.  A bicycle/pedestrian bridge will enable thousands of residents to choose to walk or bike to their destination and rely less on their vehicles.


Project Readiness

  • Engineering and Design Study to be completed in 2018.
  • City Council to approve the specific plan which includes the proposed bicycle/pedestrian bridge over Armstrong Avenue, in Fall 2016.
  • The City owns the land where the bike/pedestrian bridge will be constructed.

We Need Your Input!!!

The City of Tustin is pursuing grant funding from the Caltrans Active Transportation Program, and your feedback and participation is critical to help us win funding for this important bicycle/pedestrian bridge! Please click on the link to take a QUICK survey.

For more information, contact Krys Saldivar at (714) 573-3172 or at