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One Day Per Week Watering Schedule in Effect

Water Conservation Update

As a result of the average rainfall in the northern part of our State, the mandatory restrictions were lifted and each water purveyor was allowed make an assessment of their future water supply. Locally, we are still in a state of extreme drought. City staff and the City Council believe relaxing water use restrictions while the region is still experiencing extreme drought would send an incorrect message to the community. We hope to prevent painting a scenario that would encourage many of our customers to replant their yards and gardens just to be told at a later date that the drought outlook has worsened and the drought ordinance will become effective again. This would be an unnecessary waste of our customers’ time and money. We continue to monitor the drought conditions and will notify our customers as conditions change. 

Please remember watering is permitted once each week beginning November 1.  All Tustin Water Services customers are encouraged to deep water plants that begin to show signs of drought stress (usually wilting or yellowing).  Deep watering plants and trees is the most efficient way to water.  For more information on how to deep water plants and trees on your property, please read this paper by the University of Arizona.

Even numbered addresses may water on Tuesday and odd numbered addresses on Wednesday.   Watering is not permitted during and 48 hours following a storm that produces "measurable rain".  This has been defined as 1/4" of precipitation.

This information will be updated as the weather forecast changes.  We appreciate the community’s continued efforts to reduce water consumption.