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New LED Streetlights Coming to Tustin

In recent years, Southern California Edison (SCE) established a Street Light Acquisition Program to allow local government agencies the opportunity to purchase SCE-owned streetlights within their jurisdictions.  SCE currently owns approximately 3,300 streetlights throughout Tustin, of which over 97 percent are available for purchase.  On April 18, 2017, the Tustin City Council approved a Purchase and Sale Agreement with SCE.  As part of the sale, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) must review and approve the conditions of the sale.  The CPUC took such action on September 19, 2017.  Since then, SCE has completed a comprehensive audit of all streetlights in Tustin to verify their inventory and prepare a final list of streetlights available for purchase. 

The sale will be final in mid-June and a project to convert the streetlights to energy efficient LED technology will begin shortly thereafter. LED streetlights use less energy and last longer than the traditional high pressure sodium lights that are currently used, saving both energy and maintenance costs.  The conversion project will be complete by the end of August and there will be no interruption of service during this transition.  

As the new owner of the streetlight system, the City will be responsible for maintenance of the poles and fixtures.  You will notice new identification numbers will be affixed to the poles when the new LED fixtures are installed.  Should you notice a streetlight in need of repair once the new LED fixture has been installed, please contact Field Services at (714) 573-3350 and provide the pole number or nearest address and describe the problem you observed.  

We appreciate your assistance in keeping the system running correctly.