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Tustin to Protect Public Safety and Public Health While Addressing Court Settlement

Recently the City of Tustin, as well as other Orange County cities, have been sued in Federal court in an effort to address the lack of emergency shelter beds for the homeless in Tustin and Orange County. In order to protect and maintain public safety and public health in our community and to avoid costly lawsuits, the City of Tustin has agreed to enter into a settlement that will be overseen by Judge Carter in Federal court. The agreement will allow Tustin to continue use of its anti-camping and park closure ordinances in order to protect public health and safety in Tustin.

The City will be required to provide 50 temporary emergency shelter beds to be available within 120 days. The facility will be operated by referral only, therefore, walk-in individuals will not be allowed. There will be 24-hour on-site security as well.

Due to the very short time frame mandated by the court, and after review of several sites, the City has selected a temporary location on an appropriately zoned secured City property. This location is adjacent to the highly successful Village of Hope/Rescue Mission homeless shelter at the corner of Redhill and Valencia Avenues. Because of its location and temporary nature, the City is partnering with Jim Palmer and his operation at the Village of Hope/Rescue Mission to run this facility.

We believe that having Jim Palmer’s organization managing the temporary operation will provide quality care and services in the facility and ensure minimal impact to the community.

After the facility is up and running to meet the Court’s order, and we have more information about the City’s long term needs, the City will host a Town Hall meeting to seek community input on our long term needs and requirements in addressing homelessness in Tustin.

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