Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.) Why is the City doing this survey update?

The City’s last historic resources survey was in 2003. A survey update is needed to ensure the community has up-to-date information and to help the City manage its historic built environment.

The survey update will provide the Tustin Community Development Department with baseline information on the City’s historic resources, including whether a property is a historical resource under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This information will provide a basis for future planning and development activities, such as proposed modifications to historic properties, new development proposals, etc.

The City will also use the survey information to help make eligibility decisions regarding the Historic Register Plaque program and the Mills Act property tax abatement program.

2.) When is the survey happening?

Work on this project, including background research and context writing, will begin in early 2020 and continue through late 2021. The actual field survey is projected to take place in spring 2020 (reconnaissance survey) and fall 2020 through spring 2021 (intensive survey).

3.) Will surveyors come onto my property?

No. All survey work will be conducted from the public right-of-way.

4.) Is my property a historic resource?

You can access the 2003 and 1990 survey data here, and search the PDFs for your address or street to see if your home is listed in prior historic resource surveys.

Of note, as the survey update project progresses, a list of properties to be documented will be developed and made available for public review on this website.

5.) Will the survey update affect me or my property?

The historic resources survey may provide you with historical and architectural information about your property; if the survey identifies your property as a historic resource, it may make your property eligible for the City’s Historic Register Plaque program and the Mills Act property tax abatement program.

The survey will not landmark any properties or districts; this is a completely separate process subject to public notification, participation, and review.

The information gathered by the survey may affect future Community Development Department decisions regarding proposed work to properties. This will be on a case-by-case basis, and will depend on the nature of the proposed work.

6.) How do I participate in the survey process?

The City encourages everyone to share their knowledge of Tustin’s properties and history – the project needs your input! Learn how to participate here and share information here