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Agnes Noble

Agnes Noble 4
Agnes Noble 2

I took ceramic classes for 5 years during my days off as a critical care Transplant Nurse at UCLA. I wanted to combine the best appreciation for form and function with an artist's eye for creative and unusual. When I am doing my pottery, I often silence out all other what remains is pure passion to create whatever my heart wishes to express. The result is pottery that one can use every day, whose themes, glazes, and designs will combine grace and function.

Instagram: AgnesNoble

Amy Jahn

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Amy Jahn 2

Amy Jahn is a long time, local Tustin resident whose work is featured online, in galleries and at live events. Each piece of jewelry is made one at a time, with great care. She creates truly unique jewelry art made from sterling silver and carefully chosen semi-precious gemstones. While she has some staple designs, many of her pieces are one of a kind, ensuring an ever fresh and fluid collection.

Instagram: amyjahnjewelry


Andrea Wardle

Andrea Wardle 1
Andrea Wardle 2

I sell my art on Etsy, Instagram and at an indoor vendor market called Open Market OC in Laguna Hills. My art is succulent design. I work with live and faux (artificial) succulents to create arrangements and other types of succulent décor.

Instagram: andsucculents

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor 2

My passion lies in creating paintings that capture the heart and soul of my subject. I’ve spent the last several years developing a painterly language through which I seek to capture the “likeness” and the vitality of the subject. By painting and designing distinct shapes of bright color, the viewer’s subconscious and conscious mind has to deconstruct and reconstruct the fragments of color into something the viewer can recognize. With my brush, I celebrate and commemorate the amazing faces and beautiful objects in our world. I’ve recently ventured into developing a series of wine vignettes based on that same painterly language.


Instagram: wbtaylor_fineart

Bob Sihiling

Bob Sihilling 1
Bob Sihilling 2

Finger painted plant buddies. They keep you plants company.


Facebook: Bob Sihilihng-Artist

Carla Ellis

Carla Ellis 1
Carla Ellis 1

All my jewelry is handmade one of a kind. I enjoy creating my many fun an quirky items. I use Crystals, Leather, Resin, Chains in my Jewelry making.  If you would like pictures let me know. 


Carolyn Lopez

Carolyn Lopez 2
Carolyn Lopez 1

My art is a reflection of the inspiration I find in the world around us.  "I love a good story!"  As an artist, I tell a story every time I pick up my paint and paint brush. "It's always a good day to paint."


Etsy:  CarolynLopezFineArt

Cassie Chatmon

Cassie Chatmon 5
Cassie Chatmon 2

 paint pouring and resin

Colleen Cosgrove

Colleen Cosgrove 4
Colleen Cosgrove 5

I am a fused glass artist (former art teacher in Irvine Unified).  Each of my pieces is unique as I enjoy experimenting with the fluidity, color and transparency of glass.  Most of my pieces are functional, some are for display. 


Dabai Zhu

Dabai Zhu 2
Dabai Zhu 3

Lyrical freehand brushwork is the specific context of watercolor painting. Especially through the wetting and rendering of water, the picture has more visual effects.

Deborah Hotchkiss

Deborah Hotchicks 2
Deborah Hotchicks

I have always worked in oils to paint scenes that speak to me of wonder, hope, and beauty, but my subject matter has changed over the years as my focus has moved closer to home. As a young adult I painted faraway places, and as a young mother I looked through the eyes of my children, drawn to the local natural places we explored together. Since I have been sheltering in place and spending more time at home, I am gardening and planting fruit trees and flowers, looking for and finding beauty in my own backyard to translate into paint.


Instagram: hotchkissfineart

Elaine Scott

Elaine Scott 3
Elaine Scott 1

I usually sell my work on Facebook and at boutiques in the Southern California area, as well as by word of mouth. I usually work in oil paints and I occasionally do pen and ink drawings. My paintings are mostly landscapes, barns, lighthouses, places that I would like to be visiting.  

Emet Martinez

Emet Martinez 2
Emet Martinez 1

Discovering and capturing beauty in the ordinary, finding uncommon perspectives and drawing simplicity out of the complex inspire and fulfill me. 


Ginger Pena

Ginger Pena 2
Ginger Pena 1

Ginger paints in watercolor, choosing mostly local landscapes, gardens and historic buildings for her subjects.  Uniquely, she paints on Aquabord, a hard, durable surface that allows the painter to varnish the painting so it can be framed like an oil, without mats and glass. 


Etsy:  SnowBunnys

Instagram: Ginger.Pena

James Hendershott

James Hendershott
James Hendershott 2

If you have been looking for an extremely skilled portrait artist, look no further. I commemorate family, pets, weddings, etc. in a photorealistic style. My primary interest is capturing the human spirit through my art.


Janine Jacques

Janine Jacques 2
Janine Jacques 1

I am a jewelry artist who designs and sells handmade wearable art. 


Number: 1(909) 293-3978 

Instagram: collectionjbj

Jeff Preston

Jeff Preston
Jeff Preston 2

I am a retired aerospace engineer. Art has been a hobby all of my life, but as I approached retirement, I turned to painting landscapes in oil "en Plain air,” that is, on site. I live in Huntington Beach in Southern California. My paintings shown here are primarily Orange County parks and the South Bay area.


Instagram: jeffpreston8

John Barney

John Barney 2
John Barney

John Barney is an abstract-expressionist painter who specializes in psychological portraits. He's been featured in several art journals and books. His art is characterized by a vivid and unique color palette that is often applied with a palette knife, adding texture that makes the painting "pop."


Kevin Davidson

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Kevin Davdison has been an illustrator for over four decades. A graduate of Art Center College of Design in Illustration Class of ’73, he has been working in the advertising and publishing industry. Now transitioning into fine art, doing watercolor on Yupo surface, and oils on canvas.

Participant for many years in the Tustin Art Walk Plein Air event, winning first place four times in 8-9 events.

Instagram: Kevin_davidsonyupoguy

Linda Fagrell

Linda Fagrell 1
Linda Fagrell 3

Linx by Linda

Handcrafted leather bands for men and women from XS-XL; gemstone and leather necklaces, chokers and bracelets.  Sundance style designs all designed and created by Linda. 

Instagram: @linxbylinda

website: linxbylinda


Maria Claudia Llano

Maria Claudia Llano 1
Claudia Llano Torres 2

Instagram: claudiallanotorres

Facebook: Claudia Llano Artist

Mikhail Gryaznov

Mikhail Gryaznov 2
Mikhail Gryaznov 1

My name is Mikhail, I am artist with architectural background. Oil paintings, sculpture  and some models made of wood.

Website: MBGART

Nora Connors

Nora Connors 1
Nora Connors 2

I specialize in Landscape and Wildlife Photography. Nature connects me to the world in a meaningful way. I offer low cost photography classes on Instagram and Meetup.

Instagram: Nora Shoots Beauty

Meetup:Beginners only Photography Class

Linked In: Nora Connors 

Pushpa Sahu

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"On the shore" Mix media on high-quality paper, hand-embellished 11X14 available on shopify, comes with black matching frame

"Red Rose" is 36X48 oil paint on a gallery-wrapped canvas, no need to frame, comes with a hanging wire, ready to be a part of your home-decor

Instagram: artzone_pushpa

Rosalyn Mahr

Rosalyn Mahr
Rosalyn Mahr 2

My paintings are either in oil or acrylic, with a few exceptions of an occasional watercolor. I love painting landscapes, seascapes and
 wildlife. I also paint pet portraits in oils and if anyone is interested in having a portrait of their favorite pet they can contact me for details.

Website: ArtByRosalynMahr

Russell Charles Callihan

Russell Charles Callihan 3
Russell Charles Callihan 2

I usually sell my art in person at art walks or through art galleries - so that patrons can see it in "real life" before they purchase. My art is small pyramids "paper weights" about the size of a golf ball. They are made of a plastic resin with compelling objects inside.  Sometimes they are like miniature seascapes or stars frozen in time.  

Susan Ballou

Susan Ballou
Susan Ballou 2

With more than 20 years of painting, I've found that the fluidity of watercolor makes it my most expressive medium. Please contact me directly to purchase originals. More of my works are available on Instagram and at, where you can purchase inexpensive prints as well as items such as carry-alls, phone covers, and face masks that feature my paintings. 

Susan Lenoir

Susan Lenoir
Susan Lenoir 3

I enjoy painting in both watercolor and pastel mediums. My subjects vary from fruit and flowers to landscapes and urban scapes. I have a lovely group of friends who meet up weekly to plein air paint at local attractions.

Facebook: Susan McHardy Lenoir

Instagram: Susan_Lenoir_Watercolors

Teresa Shippy

Teresa Shippy 2
Teresa Shippy 3

I am a textile artist but also love to create hand made journals.  All of my designs are original. I have done very well with sales while at the art walk over the years. I also work with referrals, requests and commissioned pieces from clients that have seen my work via my website, Facebook and Instagram. 

Terry Houseworth

Terry Houseworth
Terry Houseworth 3

My current work is primarily landscape painting in oil.  I prefer smooth surfaced Gessobord or wood panels. For approximately ten years, most of my time was spent outdoors painting on location (en plein air), but lately I’m spending more time in the studio.  This is allowing me more freedom to explore and follow ideas as they arise.  Sometimes those ideas focus on landscape, sometimes not.  Realism or not, I very much enjoy toying with the abstract elements of each painting.



Art-A-Fair online store: 

Wendy Li

Wendy Li
Wendy Li 2

Wendy loves painting outdoors to capture real-life vibrancy. The colorful of Southern California landscapes with cultural heritages becomes her artwork's main theme. From her artworks you will find her true love of nature and optimism for life. She has participated in art exhibitions and competitions in California, and has won multiple awards.


Brandon Tisor

Brandon Tisor 2
Brandon Tisor 1

Brandon Tisor is a freelance artist who lives in Tustin. He started drawing at a very early age, and went on to earn his B.A. degree in design from California State University, Fullerton. Concept Design, Caricature, Figure Sculpture, Comic Art and Collage are his areas of interest. Surrealism is his cultural movement of choice.

Brandon has worked as a caricature artist for over 20 years and has done other freelance projects for clients. He has also created set designs for theaters. Lastly, he enjoys teaching art to kids and seeing their creative minds expand. This is Brandon’s 2nd year participating in the Tustin Art Walk, and he is very proud to be back!

Jeanette Jensen

Jeanette Jensen 1
Jeanette Jensen 2

Jeanette's lovely watercolor and oil paintings are created from real life experiences.  Jeanette's color palette is vibrant, soothing and alive. Jeanette has won awards and participated in several Solo Shows. she will be joining Quorum Gallery in July of 2021, Laguna Beach. 

Jeanette's art work is available at my website

Dorothee Morse of Playmore pottery

Dorothee Morse 1
Dorothee Morse 2

Playmore Pottery: I have been working as a professional potter in Germany, Japan, and the US since I first started my traditional pottery apprenticeship in Landshut, Germany, 30 years ago. Playmore Pottery ceramics are all handmade right here in Tustin and range from cups, tea pots, bowls, and platters, to large garden vases and more. They are oven, food, and microwave safe and are meant to be used and add some fun to your everyday life!!  Visit to learn more about Playmore Pottery and order items on the website’s  Playmore Shop. (if you see an item on the website that has not been added to the shop yet, please contact Dorothee Morse for more information,