Playground Guidance

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Outdoor Playground guidance issued by the california department of public health on september 28, 2020

The City of Tustin is taking the following steps to follow the State of California guidance related to outdoor playgrounds located in Tustin’s public parks:

  1. Post “Play It Safe” flyers provided by the State (in English and Spanish) at playground entrances to provide visitors with safety requirements.
  2. Park Patrol staff from the Tustin Parks and Recreation Department visit each park multiple times each day to monitor playground usage and to provide reminders to playground users of the State recommended safety requirements.
  3. Sanitize the playground equipment on a regular basis, as practicable. 
  4. Bathrooms at all City of Tustin’s parks are open and sanitized on a regular basis.  Playground users are encouraged to use these restrooms to wash their hands with soap and water before and after their visit to the playground.
  5. Establish and post a maximum occupancy (of children and supervising adults) for each playground based on the size of the area (sq. ft.) and consideration of 6’ social distancing.
  6. Mark spaces at playground entrances (with ground decals) for individuals/families to stand while waiting to enter the playground when it has reached maximum capacity.
  7. Post links to State of California guidance for playground users and facility operators on City of Tustin’s website.