Neighborhood G (Transit Village)

Neighborhood G (Planning Area 15-A) at Tustin Legacy consists of approximately 180 acres of undeveloped land and is envisioned as a Transit Village which is a transit oriented residential/mixed-use neighborhood in which residents, employees, and visitors have multiple transportation options to access neighborhood amenities, activity nodes, employment, open space and mass transit via the Tustin Metrolink Station.  Predevelopment studies are already underway to evaluate potential land uses, circulation, infrastructure/utilities, phasing and market viability to achieve the vision identified for the area within the Tustin Legacy Specific Plan.

The Transit Village is intended to have contemporary architecture, set within a public realm framework and hierarchy of streets, open space, and pedestrian linkages that reinforce connections to transit and Legacy Park, as the signature linear park space within the neighborhood and Tustin Legacy as a whole. 

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N-G Video

In consultation with professional planning and design consultants, the City has established an urban design and visioning plan which is reflected in a short video which seeks to exemplify the potential future development of the planning area.  The concepts, images and graphics contained in the video represent a detailed depiction of the vision and desired character of the Transit Village through rendered buildings and streetscapes depicting the general expectations for urban design, planning, and architecture, as it pertains to the land uses.  The video is for illustrative purposes and it is unlikely that exact buildings or features within the video will be developed as depicted.

In general, the land use plan for the area contemplates lower density uses such as single family detached homes along Moffett Drive adjacent to the existing Greenwood and Levity communities as a transition to higher density uses such as multifamily apartments and office development closer to the Metrolink Station along Edinger Avenue.

The video is forward looking in anticipating future amendments to the Tustin Legacy Specific Plan which will be required to comply with the City’s newly adopted General Plan Housing Element which incorporates the state mandated Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) of residential units while still adhering to the Tustin Legacy Specific Plan vision of a residential/mixed-use transit-oriented development.

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