Welcome to the Planning Division at the City of Tustin! We encourage you to use our virtual City Hall Planning services by emailing, or calling (714) 573-3140. We also welcome you to schedule an appointment to meet with us in person.

What is the planning division?

The Planning Division is a section of the Community Development Department that provides the Tustin community with comprehensive planning and development services.

Common services we offer:

  • Development Plan Reviews - Zoning information and development criteria for residential, commercial, and industrial remodels and additions and provide complimentary preliminary feedback
  • Plans – Preliminary plan reviews to determine project’s compliance with the Tustin City Code 
  • Temporary Uses - Permits for special events and film permits 
  • Zoning Compatibility – Review business proposals to determine compliance with zoning; Review of new Business License applications.

The Tustin Planning Division Staff has expertise in zoning, development, historic preservation, grants, land use planning, and more.  Contact Us at or by phone at (714) 573-3140.

Planning Chart

Frequently asked questions

  1. I would like to build on my property. How do I find out what I can build?

To learn what you can do to your property, you may email the Planning Division at or call (714) 573-3140.  Please provide the property address so Staff can determine the zoning designation and let you know any development standards and/or setbacks.

2. What is the zoning for my property? Why is it important? 

Zoning is a type of land use designation (i.e., R-1, C-1, SP-8, etc.) that depends on a parcel’s location within the City.  If you would like to do something to your property, please contact the Planning Division ( to confirm the zoning designation. This way, Staff can help you determine the allowed uses and development standards.

Zoning Designation

3. I would like a letter to verify the zoning of my property. How do I get a Zoning Verification Letter from the City? 

To verify the zoning of a property, please request a Zoning Verification Letter in writing and send it to The cost of a Zoning Verification Letter is $200.00 per parcel or property. Please mail your payment to the Planning Division at:

Attn: Erica H. Demkowicz
Planning Division
City of Tustin
300 Centennial Way
Tustin, CA 92780

Planning Staff must receive your written request and payment before the letter is prepared.  A letter is typically prepared within 8-10 business days once all information has been provided.

4. I would like to build a fence or wall on my property. Do I need a permit from the City to do so? 

Yes, a building permit is required when installing a new fence or removing and/or replacing an existing fence.

Walls that require a building permit include:

  • Chain link, wood, wrought iron, or retaining walls 2-feet or higher
  • Garden walls 3-feet or higher

To obtain a building permit, please provide a site plan to Planning Staff (  Your site plan must include property dimensions, label property lines, the proposed location of the fence or wall shows wall/fence and provide construction details for the wall/fence with details on materials and height.  For more information on the requirements for submitting to Building Division, please follow this link. Once your plans have been approved by both Planning and Building Divisions, a building permit will be issued.

5. I would like to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and/or Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) to my property. How can I find out more about this and what I need to do?

ADUs or JADUs are allowed on a lot that contains a proposed or existing legally developed single-family or multiple-family dwelling within the City of Tustin.  ADUs and JADUs may be added to existing single-family or multi-family properties in different ways, such as:

  • converting a part of the existing house
  • adding to the existing house
  • converting the existing garage
  • constructing a new detached unit

ADU Graphic

For more information about ADUs and JADUs, please follow these links:

6. I would like to start a new business in Tustin. How do I find out if my business is allowed at a specific location within the City?

A business license is required to start and/or conduct a business in the City of Tustin.  Please email the Planning Division at, or call (714) 573-3140, and provide the property address to find out if your business is allowed within the designated zone.  Once Planning Staff has confirmed your business is allowed within the zoning district, you may submit a business license application online at this link.  


Zoning Map: Access the City’s Zoning GIS Map for Zoning and Land Use here.

General Plan Map: Access the City’s General Plan Map for General Plan designations here.  

Municipal Code:  Access Article 9 (Land Use) of the City’s Municipal Code here. 

Applications and Handouts: Download applications here and forms, and other informational handouts.

Entitlement Application Submittal: Once your application is completed and all items have been prepared for submittal to the City, please submit online at our Citizen Self Service Portal.

If you have any questions prior to submitting to the City, please contact the Planning Division at   

Current Projects: To see some of the Planning Division’s latest projects, click here.

Current Fees: To access the Planning Division’s current fee schedule, click here.

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