Tustin Police Officers Association

The Tustin Police Officers Association (TPOA) was established in 1972 and currently has nearly 100 members including officers, sergeants, and lieutenants.


The TPOA is funded by membership dues, personal donations, and advertisers that sponsor TPOA events.

Primary ObjectiveTPOA 2022 color logo; round logo with thin blue line flag as background with split "T" in the

The primary objective is to increase positive interaction between our members and the citizens of our community by sponsoring and participating in non-profit charity events, providing college scholarships, and donating to reputable charities. A large portion of TPOA funds are returned to the community through these events and charitable donations.  

Other Objectives

Other objectives of the TPOA are to assist members with legal representation, serve as a liaison with the City of Tustin, and promote a united work atmosphere for all those who serve the City of Tustin.

More Information

For more information on TPOA activities follow TPOA on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

DONATIONS, Volunteers & Sponsors

Please contact TPOA for information on how to donate, volunteer, or sponsor TPOA.

You can contact TPOA via email at tpoa.contact@gmail.com