Additional Prevention Tips

There are additional steps you can do to prevent pollution from entering our storm drain system.

  • If you are digging in the yard or doing construction don't leave dirt in the street
  • Instead of washing your car at home where the water goes in the street, take it to a car wash, where the water will be treated
  • Spread the word. Let your neighbors know Storm Drains are for Rain
  • When painting, never wash the brushes in the street but instead wash them in the sink

Illegal Dumping

If you see illegal dumping occurring contact 714-573-3134 or 714-573-3135. After hours call 1-877-89SPILL. Or you can report a problem online.

Water Pollution Hotline

Catch Basins

If your catch basin needs to be cleaned please call 714-573-3350.


For more information on Preventing Stormwater Pollution in Orange County or participating in events such as Coastal Cleanup Day visit Orange County Watersheds.


Pesticides are another stormwater contaminant. Drought tolerant or native vegetation do not require as much water or pesticides, which helps to eliminate a common source of stormwater pollution. For a listing of drought tolerant plants and possible rebates for water saving strategies visit the  BeWaterWise or Water Smart pages.


The City of Tustin encourages all its residents to recycle their used motor oil and oil filters to prevent contamination of stormwater. For a listing of local certified used oil collection sites go to CalRecycle

Used oil and filters can also be disposed of at hazardous waste collection sites. To find your nearest hazardous waste collection site go to Orange County Integrated Waste Management Department.


If you see a sewer spill or have a back up with your sewer, contact the East Orange County Water District 714-538-5815  or the Irvine Ranch Water District at 949-453-5300. 

For information on those agencies FOG program visit Irvine Ranch Water District or East Orange County Water District.


Information on the Municipal Water District of Orange County's Turf Removal Program can be found at MWDOC Turf Removal Program.