Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT) Team

The Tustin Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team officers work in conjunction with the Irvine and Tustin SWAT team and are the most tactically sound officers in the Department. This partnership provides us access to a fully staffed tactical team in the event of a situation beyond the normal scope of a traditional patrol response.

Role & Responsibilities

The SWAT team provides a group of highly trained and skilled officers that are utilized in instances where disciplined teamwork and specialized weapons and tactical skills are required to deal with and resolve law enforcement incidents that are high-risk in nature, such as:

  • Armed barricaded suspects
  • Sniper situations
  • The taking of hostages
  • Other incidents that are high-risk in nature and are beyond the capability of normal patrol
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Reducing Risks

It has been shown over the years that the presence of a highly trained, highly skilled tactical unit can substantially reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, officers, and suspects and the well managed team response to critical incident greatly increases the chances for a successful resolution.