Police Services Officer unit

Crime Scene and Report Services Vehicle

Police Services Officers perform a wide variety of duties that play an important role in the day-to-day operations of the police department. The efforts of the Police Services Officers enable patrol officers to remain available for emergencies and implementation of crime suppression strategies in the field.

Roles & Capacities

Police Services Officers have the opportunity to serve the community in many different capacities. During the course of their careers, personnel may be assigned to:

  • Community Policing Bureau
  • Crime Scene Investigation team
  • Field Operations
  • General Investigations Bureau
  • Personnel and Training Division
  • Traffic Division

Field Operations

Police Services Officers assigned to Field Operations take police reports in the field and at the front counter of the police department. Field Operations personnel also staff the Crime Scene Investigations Unit where they specialize in:

  • Crime scene mapping
  • Crime scene photography
  • Forensic evidence collection
  • Preservation of evidence for laboratory analysis

Civilian Investigators

Civilian Investigators assigned to the General Investigations Bureau follow-up on criminal cases, collect and evaluate supporting evidence, and work closely with the District Attorney’s Office to prepare cases for trial. Field Operations personnel respond to traffic collisions, take crime reports in the field, and process public requests at the front counter.

Traffic Unit

Police Services Officers in the Traffic Unit respond to both injury and non-injury traffic collisions, conduct traffic control at special events and oversee parking enforcement throughout the city. They also assist at major collision scenes where they collect data for the reconstruction of traffic fatalities.

Professional Standards Division

Police Services Officers in the Professional Standards Division specialize in crime prevention, public safety, and the implementation of community programs. Community Relations personnel can be found giving presentations at neighborhood watch meetings, teaching student safety to children in our schools, and organizing large events like the semi-annual Block Captain Meetings, Santa Cop program and National Night Out.