Records Unit

A collection of paper folders and records

The Records Unit is an integral part of the Police Department working closely with:

  • Detectives
  • Dispatch
  • Patrol Officers
  • Police Services Officers
  • Property and Evidence Technicians


The Tustin Police Department Records Unit consists of 14 staff members who work around the clock to perform police-related records management duties. Staff members strive to meet the Tustin Police Department’s needs in a timely and efficient manner by providing support to both sworn and civilian personnel, as well as the citizens of Tustin.


This unit is responsible for processing and retaining:

  • Citations
  • Court packages
  • Fax requests
  • Field-interview cards
  • Pawn slips
  • Police reports

Other Duties

Records staff also provides help with:

  • Answering phones
  • Assisting the front desk personnel when needed
  • Compiling Uniform Crime Reporting to the Department of Justice
  • Fingerprinting

Special Assignments

In addition to its daily responsibilities, the Records Unit has specialty assignments such as responding to subpoenas, assisting the Gang Unit, and working in the Professional Standards Division and General Investigations.