Tustin Public Art

Citrus Ranch Park - Mike Tauber (2018)


Civic Center Wall Mural - Aaron Glasson (2019)


Laurel Glen Park Wall Mural - Mike Tauber (2020)

laurel glen birds

Peppertree Park Wall Mural - Christin Ibrahim (2021)


Boys and Girls Clubs Mural - Brian Peterson (2022)

Peterson muralPioneer Road Park Seat Wall Mural - Tom Clark (2022)

tom clark

Tustin Sports Park Dugout Wall Mural - James Dinh (2023)


Frontier Park Mosaic Tile Wall Mural - Mike Tauber (2023)

Frontier Tile Project

Pine Tree Park Wall Mural - Laura Burris

Creative Signals Cabinets (2021 - current)

Creative Signals - 3

Corner of Red Hill and Service Road - Designed by Michael Norice

traffic signal cabinet

Corner of El Camino Real and Sixth Street - Designed by Ivanna Tijitra


Corner of B Street and First Street - Designed by Manuel Chua

2Kurt Creative Signals

Corner of Park Avenue and District Drive - Designed by Kurt Brizzolara

Heavy Collective

Corner of Newport Avenue and Holt Avenue - Design by The Heavy Collective

Planter Box Art (2018 - 2022)

annie 4Annie HongCatCat Chiu Phillips
christin ibrahim 2Christin IbrahimEdmundEdmund Arevalo
James Dinh (R)James Dinh
James DinhJames Dinh
Planter 1Karen Twaddell
Katie 2Katie McGuire
planter katie 3
Katie McGuire
Katie 1Katie McGuire
planter lemon heightsKay Dygertplanter 3Kay Dygert
Kimberly HooperKimberly HooperkurtKurt Brizzolara
Kurt 6Kurt Brizzolarakurt3Kurt Brizzolara
Landon 4Landon JohnsonLandon 1Landon Johnson
Landon 3Landon Johnsonplanter lena 1Lena del Sol
Planter orangesLena Del Solplanter oranges 5Lena del Sol
mer young 2Mer YoungNicole PlanterNicole Han
planter 4Paige Oden
Planter 2Sandra Morrison
Sophia 2Sophia Lee
Sophia 1Sophia Lee
planter joy buddies 2Sompurna Mini Mukherjee
planter joy buddiesSompurna Mini Mukherjee
planter hangarTerry Houseworth