Every year the Tustin Community Foundation Grant Committee and several members of the Tustin Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off Steering Committee select one or two local non-profit organizations to receive a portion of the event proceeds. The amount of money raised varies from year to year.

The application is very simple to complete. Visit Home - Tustin Community Foundation and submit your application by March 15, 2023 at 5:00pm. Questions: Please contact the Tustin Community Foundation at 714-393-8506.

2022 Event BeneficiarY

Sabil USA 
14712 Bentley Circle, Unit B
Tustin, CA 92780

Sabil team pic

History and Purpose
Sabil was established in 2012 to support the influx of under-privileged, low-income and refugees’ population. Sabil has seen the need for more than just food to help the refugee and low-income population within their community. Our vision is to nurture the community where we stand together to ensure that everyone’s basic needs are satisfied. We alleviate our neighbors' hardships during tough, life-changing circumstances, empowering them to be self-sufficient. We believe that every human has the right to live in dignity as a fully contributing member of society.

Serving the Tustin Community
Sabil USA serves the greater Orange County area, including Tustin. We serve individuals in our community through a vibrant and nutritious food pantry, financial assistance for those struggling with hardship, and compassionate mental health services to everyone in need of support during emotional and mental struggles. Applicants are reviewed carefully based on need and eligibility into Sabil’s rental assistance program. Food assistance, clothing provisions, and mental health counseling are offered to everyone in need who can benefit from the program. We also offer monthly food drives based on drive through system to distribute food at scheduled drives at our warehouse as well as drive through programs in needy neighborhoods. Furthermore, we offer a mental health program in partnership with a local marriage and family therapist as well as with ICNA Relief mental health. Sabil USA features monthly community wellness events (now offered via zoom) to the general community on a variety of topics.

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Veterans Legal Institute
1231 Warner Avenue
Tustin, CA 92780

Veterans Legal Institute group photo

History and Purpose
Veterans Legal Institute (VLI) is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Tustin, CA, that provides pro bono legal services to homeless, disabled, low-income, and at-risk current and former US services members to eradicate barriers to housing, employment, education, and healthcare. Founded in 2014 as one of the very few military[1]specific public interest law firms in the nation, VLI has been working to close the desperate gap in life changing free legal services available for veterans with the enduring goal of greatly reducing veteran homelessness and suicide in order to restore resiliency and hope across generations of military families.

Serving the Tustin Community
Veterans Legal Institute (VLI) has a long history of service to Tustin Veterans. Since its founding, VLI has served over 150 Tustin Veterans with free legal services in the areas of veterans benefits, housing, family law, and estate planning. Pro bono legal services include advice and counsel, negotiated settlements, limited representation, document preparation, and extensive services. Free legal services have been provided to Tustin Veterans at VLI's Tustin office located in the Tierney Center for Veterans Services, and through strategic outreach clinics across parts of Southern California. Tustin Veterans who exceed income requirements and/or are not retained are provided general advice and counsel and may be referred to other Veteran advocate attorneys and public interest law resources. All legal services are provided free of charge, and no Veteran ever receives a bill.Veterans Legal Institute logo