Water Rates

New Water Rates in Effect January 1, 2024

New water rates will go into effect for Graphic showing that the water rates are coming in JanuaryTustin water customers on January 1, 2024.  While Tustin Water Services always strives to minimize rate increases, a water rate adjustment is needed to cover increasing costs associated with the purchase of imported water, as well as rising operating and energy costs.

The new rates were approved 5-0 by the Tustin City Council at their December 5, 2023, meeting, following a comprehensive cost-of-service rate study and outreach with the community to share information about why a rate adjustment was needed and the new, proposed rates.  

About the New Rates

At the Tustin City Council meeting on December 5, 2023, the FY 2024 Cost of Service (COS) Rate Study was approved.  The adopted water rates are included in the study on pages 6-7.

To calculate your water bill with the new rates, use our water bill calculator tool.

Why is a rate adjustment needed?  

Historically, the City is fortunate to receive most of its water from local groundwater aquifers. However, due to new state drinking water standards related to *Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in groundwater, the City has had to turn off several groundwater wells and replace that water supply with imported water from distant sources like the Colorado River and the State Water Project, which is substantially more expensive. The construction of a new water treatment plant will address PFAS concerns in our local groundwater supply. 

All revenues collected through water rates will be used to cover the costs needed to deliver high-quality water service to the Tustin service area.  The adjustment in water rates will ensure that Tustin Water Services is able to continue investing in future infrastructure projects that support the City's mission to deliver high-quality and reliable water services to the Tustin community.   These projects allow the City to:

Graphic showing the different water projects in the City.

Need More Information?

The City of Tustin is available to answer any questions about the new water rates.  There are several ways the Tustin community can contact our team.