Police Officer

Employment Requirements

  • Age: Must be at least 21 years of age at the time of appointment.
  • Background / Character: Must be of good moral character with no convictions for felony or crimes of moral turpitude, and must undergo and pass an extensive background investigation.
  • Citizenship: Must be a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien who is eligible for and has applied for United States citizenship. In accordance with California State law, citizenship status must be conferred within three years of applying for citizenship.
  • Communication: Fluent command of the English language in both oral and written form. Bilingual skills are desirable.
  • Experience / Education: High school graduation or equivalent.
  • License / Certificates: Must possess and maintain a valid California driver’s license and satisfactory driving record at time of appointment.
  • Physical Requirements: Must be physically capable of performing all tasks required of a Tustin Police Officer as determined by a physical agility test, medical examination and psychological evaluation. Some of these requirements include: 
    • Normal hearing and color vision
    • Vision 20/100 in each eye and correctable to 20/20
    • Weight proportional to height