Why must Tustin create a temporary homeless shelter?

So that Tustin may continue to use its anti-camping and park closure ordinances to protect public safety and public health, and to avoid costly lawsuits. 

Recently the City of Tustin, as well as all other Orange County cities, were sued in Federal Court in an effort to address the lack of emergency shelter beds for the homeless in Tustin and Orange County.  The City of Tustin entered into a settlement to help keep our City safe.  As other nearby cities settle their lawsuits, those cities will be able to enforce their own ordinances with the potential to affect surrounding cities.

In addition, last month the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with six homeless individuals in Boise, Idaho over an ordinance that banned people from sleeping in public spaces.  That decision requires the immediate availability of shelter beds at the time a city goes to enforce such laws.  In essence, the Ninth Circuit said that it is unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment to punish an individual for sleeping or loitering in parks, tents or homeless encampments if there is no bed available for them to go to.

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1. What type of shelter must Tustin create?
2. What security measures will be in place to safeguard our children and community?
3. Exactly where is the proposed temporary homeless shelter facility location?
4. Why must Tustin create a temporary homeless shelter?
5. When must Tustin create a homeless shelter?
6. Is this a "walk-up" facility?
7. If this is not a “walk-up” facility, how does someone gain access?
8. Who can use the facility?
9. Are sex offenders or people with felony warrants permitted to stay?
10. Are drugs, alcohol, or weapons allowed within the facility?
11. What exactly does temporary mean?
12. Since the shelter is an emergency shelter, how long will the individuals referred to this shelter be staying there?
13. Why hasn’t the City been more transparent in this process?
14. Why doesn’t Tustin partner with a shelter in Santa Ana for the 50 beds?