Why hasn’t the City been more transparent in this process?

The City of Tustin made this announcement as soon as we could.

The City has been involved in a lawsuit in Federal Court.  While in settlement discussions, the City has been precluded from discussing its litigation and settlement strategies publicly.  The City immediately published a press release on the same day that the City signed the settlement agreement.  Given the City would be required to establish a shelter facility within 120 days of signing the agreement, it was necessary for the City to evaluate potential shelter sites at the same time the settlement discussions were on-going to accomplish that timeframe.

In addition, the City’s initial plans for settlement (which would have simply added beds to the existing facilities at the Village of Hope) were derailed by the Ninth Circuit’s decision on September 4th, and as a result, the City was forced to go back to the drawing board and develop an entirely different plan in a very compressed period of time.  The City’s proposal was presented in Federal Court two weeks later and reported in the Orange County Register on September 19th.

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1. What type of shelter must Tustin create?
2. What security measures will be in place to safeguard our children and community?
3. Exactly where is the proposed temporary homeless shelter facility location?
4. Why must Tustin create a temporary homeless shelter?
5. When must Tustin create a homeless shelter?
6. Is this a "walk-up" facility?
7. If this is not a “walk-up” facility, how does someone gain access?
8. Who can use the facility?
9. Are sex offenders or people with felony warrants permitted to stay?
10. Are drugs, alcohol, or weapons allowed within the facility?
11. What exactly does temporary mean?
12. Since the shelter is an emergency shelter, how long will the individuals referred to this shelter be staying there?
13. Why hasn’t the City been more transparent in this process?
14. Why doesn’t Tustin partner with a shelter in Santa Ana for the 50 beds?