What is SB 9?

Senate Bill (SB) 9 is a California State Law which took effect on January 1, 2022. SB 9 creates new opportunities for infill housing by requiring cities to ministerally approve projects meeting certain criteria.  

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1. What is SB 9?
2. How do I know if I can develop my property under SB 9?
3. Is there a map where I can check if my property can be affected by SB 9?
4. How many units can I build?
5. What is a “Two-unit Development” versus an “Urban Lot Split”?
6. What are the requirements for development under Tustin’s SB 9 Ordinance?
7. What kind of approval do I need to build using SB 9?
8. My property is in the City’s Cultural Historic District, can I build on my property using SB9?
9. Can my HOA prohibit me from building on my property using SB9?
10. Will I be notified if one of my neighbors decides to build on their property using SB9?