What is a “Two-unit Development” versus an “Urban Lot Split”?

SB 9 FAQ 2


The diagram on the left depicts a traditional rectangular shaped single-family parcel with what is known under SB 9 as a “Two-unit Development”.   In this scenario, a property owner with a single-family home may construct a second home on the property and may also build an Accessory Dwelling Unit and Junior Accessory dwelling unit resulting in the development of a total of four dwelling units on a single-family parcel.


The two diagrams on right depict scenarios that are under the “Urban Lot Split” category.  In these two Urban Lot Split Scenarios, the property owner may subdivide a single-family parcel into two lots and in these scenarios ADUS or JADUS are not allowed in conjunction with Urban Lot Splits.

The middle diagram shows a traditional rectangular lot split down the middle, resulting in two lots.  Each of these lots, can then be combined with the Two-unit Development concept, which may result in each lot having a total of two units.  

The diagram on the far right, depicts a “flag style” urban lot split, where access to the new lot at the rear has access to the street and/or public right of way from a narrow strip of land, resulting in the rear lot resembling the shape of a flag. In the Urban Lot Split scenarios, each lot may accommodate up to two units.

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