I need to submit for Design Review because I am proposing an Outdoor Dining Area. What and how do I submit?

Please contact a city planner at 714-573-3140 or TustinPlanning@TustinCA.org to discuss if your proposal requires a Design Review submittal. If so, at a minimum the submittal should include:

  • Development Application: Must be completely filled out and notarized by the property owner and, if different, the applicant.
  • Site Plan: Aerial view of the property showing the dimensions and layout of the Outdoor Dining Area, including any proposed improvements like new fencing, landscape planters, etc.
  • Floor Plan: Showing the interior layout of the business including the size (in square feet) of the interior dining space.
  • Title Report: A document summarizing the legal easements associated with a property. Must be dated within the past three months. Businesses can oftentimes work with property owners on obtaining this document. If a recent copy is not on-hand, a new one will need to be requested from a Title Company.

More information may be needed for submittal depending on what your proposal entails. Please contact a city planner to setup a consultation. Staff can also advise of applicable costs at that time.

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