What if I have moved my business to another location in Tustin?

Please submit the Change of Address questionnaire and send it back to the Business License Division.

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1. Where do I start?
2. Who needs a Seller's Permit Number?
3. Where can I get a Seller's Permit Number?
4. Can I renew my business license online?
5. In January 2007, I received a business license renewal notice from the City of Tustin. Is this notice for my 2007 business license?
6. I received a pink delinquent notice. Why does the delinquent notice say I owe business taxes and penalties for 2006?
7. How much do I pay to renew my business license?
8. DO I send in my alarm payment separately?
9. In previous years, I’ve sent in my alarm payment with the business license payment, why is it different this year?
10. I have a question regarding my Alarm Permit, whom should I talk to?
11. I’ve already sent in my renewal payment, when should I expect my business license?
12. I live in the unincorporated area just north of Tustin; where do I get my business license?
13. Can I fax my completed business license application to you?
14. I received a renewal/delinquent notice, but my business is now closed. What should I do?
15. What if I have moved my business to another location in Tustin?