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1. Why doesn’t the Tustin City Council declare its opposition to SB 54?
2. Is the City’s letter opposing SB 54 being kept secret?
3. Is the City of Tustin a “sanctuary city”?
4. Has SB 54 had any practical impact on the ways in which the Tustin Police Department protects the residents and businesses in the City?
5. Doesn’t SB 54 affect who the Tustin Police Department notifies when it releases inmates from jail?
6. Does Tustin coordinate with Federal authorities (including immigration authorities) about gangs, murderers, rapists and other serious felons?
7. If Tustin doesn’t declare its opposition to SB 54, will law-breaking immigrants flock to Tustin?
8. Does the Tustin City Council support the United States Constitution?
9. Doesn’t that oath mean the City must fight every State law that may be preempted by the Federal Constitution or Federal law?