Are there any newly identified historic resources?

Forty-two (42) properties (Table 2) have been identified as potentially eligible individuals, districts, and non-parcel resources. In contrast with properties identified in previous surveys, many of these resources date to Tustin’s period of intensive postwar development between 1946 and 1976, and they are predominantly multi-family residential resources rather than single-family.  Information for the newly identified resources can be found in Exhibit A - Appendix E3.   The twenty-eight (28) individually eligible properties are located throughout the City and would be eligible for listing in a local, state or national historic register should the property owner decide to seek designation.   Staff will make a recommendation to the Planning Commission at a future date as to whether the eleven (11) potential historic districts and three (3) potential planning districts should be designated as districts.

Table 2 Potential Listing

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1. How was the survey conducted?
2. What were the survey findings?
3. Is there any potential for expanding the Cultural Resources District?
4. Are there any newly identified historic resources?
5. Was there any community outreach during the survey update process?
6. Is there is a map of the survey area and historic resources?
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