Our Future


The City of Tustin is deeply rooted in the past, present, and future of Orange County.

We now have an opportunity to build on a rich legacy in our region’s growth. Located at the heart of one of the nation’s most exciting and vibrant economies, Tustin Legacy is a new community that celebrates history with a commitment to where the future can take us. A place that embraces what we love about living in Orange County.

At Tustin Legacy we can combine history and innovation; business and open space; young minds with bold ideas; and neighborhoods that celebrate everyday moments and quality experiences. This planned community will connect people...to each other, to what matters, and to new opportunities.


The City of Tustin has always been a place of entrepreneurs and innovators. Over time, as our young City grew, we welcomed families and businesses who embraced tree-lined streets along with historic districts and business centers. We’ve watched bean fields transform into military bases, proud of the thousands of military men and women who have called Tustin home and the iconic landmarks that mark those many years of service. 

That is why we’ve paid homage to our military history with significant landmarks and memorials located throughout the community such as Victory Park and Veterans Sports Park.

Tustin Horse Trolley
Vintage Car Festival

Celebrate the Best

Now, Tustin Legacy will celebrate the best of Orange County. To make this happen, we will work with some of the region’s and nation’s finest builders to bring about a new community. Our collaborative and creative campuses will encourage new thinking. There will be open spaces, big and small - inviting walks, sporting events, bike rides, moments to sit and relax, as well as a place to discover a new generation’s legacy.