Sidewalk Vending


In 2018, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill (SB) 946 to promote small-business entrepreneurship throughout California. SB 946 decriminalized sidewalk vending in California, and required cities to allow sidewalk vending; however, cities may restrict the vending locations for public safety reasons. Municipalities may adopt a local Ordinance to regulate where vendors can locate within public sidewalks, but can only use administrative enforcement and civil fines for vendors in violation.

City of Tustin Actions

As a result of SB 946, the City of Tustin adopted a comprehensive sidewalk vending Ordinance No. 1508 on September 1, 2020. The Ordinance applies to stationary and mobile/roaming vendors. Any vendor selling merchandise is required to obtain a City of Tustin business license, and a sidewalk vending permit. Any vendor selling food and/or drinks is required to obtain a City business license, a sidewalk vending permit, and an Orange County Health Permit. These requirements ensure that the food that is sold is safely stored and prepared, and that the public is being served from a safe location. Sidewalk vending permit information, helpful links, and application materials, can be found under the resources section below. 

The City has undertaken extensive efforts to educate sidewalk food vendors of the importance of these measures to protect the public's health, and the ease of obtaining the required permits. Despite these efforts, many vendors continue to sell food in an unsanitary manner and in unsafe locations. Given this growing issue, the City is increasing its presence and enforcement, and is partnering with the Orange County Health Department who regulates food vendors. 

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