Code Enforcement


The Code Enforcement Division is committed to improving the quality of life throughout the community and ensuring that the condition of our neighborhoods and property values are maintained. The Code Enforcement Division achieves this through personalized contact, education of codes and standards and fair enforcement of laws. Code Enforcement also works with local, state, county and law enforcement agencies and investigates and enforces the Tustin City Code, which includes:

  • Business license requirements
  • Noise Regulations
  • Property Maintenance requirements
  • Sign Code
  • Water Quality Laws
  • Zoning Code
  • Uniform Housing Code
  • Construction without appropriate permits

You can now report a Code Enforcement concern, online.

Online Payments

Make a payment online for Administrative Citations.

Forms for Protection of Private Property

Trespassing/Disturbing the Peace Letter of Authorization and Request for Enforcement (If using a Google Chrome or a Microsoft Edge web-browser, please download and save the file before completing and submitting.)

Sample No Trespassing Sign


The City of Tustin has a FREE graffiti removal service which is available to all property owners within the City; however, the removal program is limited to only graffiti which is visible from the public right-of-way or which is visible from a commercial parking lot, open to the public.  To participate in this program, you must fill out, sign and return an Entry Permit and Release of Liability form (See Link Below) for each property you own in the City.

Entry Permit to Remove Graffiti and Release of Liability

Graffiti removals from painted surfaces are color matched and removals from non-painted surfaces are done using a chemical removal and power washing.  The City highly suggests submitting an Entry Permit and Release of Liability form so that the City will be able to more efficiently and effectively respond to future requests for graffiti removal services and keep Tustin graffiti free.    

If you are reporting graffiti, please contact the Graffiti Removal Hotline at 714-573-3111 or report the concern online here: Report a graffiti incident

If you have any information on the occurrence of a graffiti incident, please contact the Tustin Police Department’s Non-Emergency number at 714-573-3225, in addition to contacting the City’s Graffiti Removal Hotline.

Code Enforcement Resources

Access our resource directory for useful phone numbers related to code enforcement in the City of Tustin.