Computer Scam Alert

There have been reports of Orange County residents receiving phone calls offering computer support.

Tech Support Scam

One victim recently contacted a local Orange County police department reporting that he had received a phone call from a tech support company offering to “clean” his computer.

Believing the tech support to be legitimate (as he had previously purchased tech support for his Microsoft based computer), he allowed the caller remote access to his computer after paying a $200 fee. The caller accessed the victim's computer remotely, and then locked the victim out of his own computer promising to unlock his computer only when an additional $200 was received.

Be Aware

Be aware that suspect(s) may try to gain access to your computer as follows:

  • The caller will instruct the victim to open an Internet browser where he or she will be directed to a site which will confirm the presence of a virus, or confirm that something is, in fact, wrong with the computer
  • The caller will offer to remotely access and fix the computer for a fee
  • Once the victim pays the fee, the caller will remotely access the victim’s computer and lock the device until further monies are received

Protect Yourself

Do not fall victim to these online predators. Guard yourself and your information as follows:

  • Continually check for computer software updates from a trusted source such as Microsoft or Apple
  • Only open email from trusted sources and do not click on suspicious links via email
  • Do not download files from websites
  • Have firewall protections running in the background at all times