Edison Payment Scams

New Payment Scam Targets Southern California Edison Customers

The Tustin Police Department is cautioning Southern California Edison (SCE) customers to be aware of a new scam that involves callers posing as SCE employees and demanding immediate payment for allegedly past-due bills. The callers threaten that if a payment is not made immediately, customers risk having their electric service disconnected. The callers have demanded payment be made through a prepaid cash card, PayPal or Green Dot cards.

Fraudulent Calls

Customers suspecting a fraudulent call should ask for the caller’s name, department, and business phone number. If the caller refuses to provide this information, customers should terminate the call and report the incident immediately to SCE at 800-655-4555.

Scam Victims

If you are a victim, and experience a financial loss, contact the Tustin Police Department at 714-573-3200 to file a report. Southern California Edison reports victim losses from this type of scam in this service region alone are approaching close to $200,000.

Protect Yourself

Southern California Edison and the Tustin Police Department would like to remind customers:

  • A SCE employee will never ask for money in person
  • Never reveal your credit card, ATM, or calling card numbers (or PIN numbers) to anyone
  • A SCE employee will never request that you leave your residence at a specific time for a utility-related cause. If you receive a request like this, call the Tustin Police Department, as this could be a set-up for a burglary
  • Generally, SCE employees will never show up at your residence without an appointment. Be suspicious of anyone who shows up asking to check an appliance, or suggesting that there may be some other electrical problem inside your residence
  • A SCE employee and their contractors carry identification and will provide it upon request, including their department and phone number, when asked

Home Visits

The Tustin Police Department also reminds residents to ask for identification in the event that a stranger comes to the door or calls, claiming to be a utility worker. In most cases, home visits by utility workers are pre-scheduled by the customer and appointments are typically confirmed prior to the visit. If there are ever any concerns about the validity of the visit, have the utility worker wait outside until his or her identity can be verified.

More Information

Residents can check out more safety tips and advice at the Southern California Edison website.