Efforts in Tustin Legacy


With the closure of the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Tustin, the Homeless Assistance Plan for MCAS Tustin was adopted to address homelessness. The adopted Plan provides sites and designated land uses to accommodate identified homeless needs. To date, the following have been provided at Tustin Legacy:

  • An approximate 5-acre transitional/emergency shelter site was set-aside for the accommodation of the homeless at MCAS Tustin. The site was conveyed to the Orange County Rescue Mission at no cost and facilitated the construction of the Village of Hope, a transitional/emergency shelter facility, without the need of a discretionary approval. During 2016, the Village of Hope was authorized by the City of Tustin to increase their bed count from 192 to 387. This equates to 195 additional beds for the Village of Hope to provide for the homeless population.
  • A 4-acre site was recommended by the City of Tustin and deeded directly by the Department of Navy at no cost to the Orange County Social Services Agency for the development of an abused and neglected children and emancipated youth facility with a 90-bed capacity. The Tustin Family Campus has been up and running for several years.
  • A total of 50 transitional housing units were originally included in the Base Reuse Plan. Based on further negotiations with non-profit homeless providers, a total of 32 brand new transitional housing units have been constructed and conveyed at no cost to non-profit homeless providers including the Salvation Army, Families Forward, Human Options and Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter.
  • The City also facilitated the purchase of a 16 unit transitional housing facility in Buena Park to be operated by the Salvation Army.

Additional Efforts

  • The City participated in the QC Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness Implementation Group Community Forums. City staff were engaged in the discussion, evaluation, and provided input to the community forums.
  • The City Council has adopted numerous Housing Element policies and programs to accommodate homeless needs.
  • The City Council has approved and continues to provide grants to assist homeless providers. Within the last five years, the City has provided a total of $106,179 to homeless providers such as:
    • Families Forward
    • Human Option
    • Laurel's House
    • Mercy Housing
    • Olive Crest
  • Tustin has provided support and Certification for Consistency with the:
  • City's Consolidated Plan for Orange County
  • QC Partnership
  • Volunteer Center of Orange County
  • Illumination Foundation
  • Families Forward Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Grant applications. 
  • In addition, Tustin has provided Certification for Consistency for Orange County Housing Authority Public Housing Plan.
  • The City participates and partners with the Orange County Section 8 voucher program by providing outreach, computer, and fax access, links on City's website. City staff is also trained to provide technical assistance as needed.
  • The City's Tustin Family Youth Center provides supportive services such as free daycare, food distribution, computer classes, ESL classes, etc. to the very low-income families at either no cost or nominal costs.
  • The City of Tustin is proud to participate in the Countywide Commission to End Homelessness which goals are as follow:
    • Act as a clearinghouse to share information on activities regarding homelessness
    • Compose regional picture of steps to be taken, identify shelters and affordable housing, etc.
    • Develop a standard set of definitions for shelters and affordable housing, possibly a model ordinance
    • Facilitate understanding between cities and the Commission regarding homeless issues. Issues are to be communicated throughout Orange County