Tustin Landscape and Lighting District (TLLD)

In the 1980's, when the area known as Tustin Ranch was being planned, a maintenance district was formed to ensure the continuous maintenance and improvement of street lighting and landscaping along City streets.  Recently, a number of projects have been completed throughout the District to enhance the landscape and improve the lighting.  Some of these projects are more obvious than others.  For example, some of the improvements you may have noticed include replacement of the landscaping at major intersections and the conversion of the street light system to LED.  Some of the less obvious improvements include irrigation replacements and the installation of groundcover that will eventually spread to control erosion and help reduce watering needs.  Each project, large or small, is intended to enhance the character of the neighborhoods within the District.  

On April 20, 2021, the City Council scheduled a Public Hearing for June 15, 2021 to consider forming Tustin Landscape & Lighting Reassessment District 2021 to replace the existing District.  During the meeting, the City Council also approved what is known as an Engineer's Report for Reassessment District 2021.  The report provides details of Reassessment District 2021 and recalculates the annual assessment levied on each parcel.  The Agenda Report from this meeting, with the Engineer's Report provided as an attachment can be found here.

During the week of April 27, 2021, ballots were mailed to every property in the District.  Property owners were asked to vote their support for or opposition to forming Tustin Landscape & Lighting Reassessment District 2021. Tabulation of the ballots occurred following the Public Hearing on June 15, 2021.  The Reassessment District failed to gain sufficient property owner support and therefore will not be formed.  The results will be formally submitted to the City Council as part of the agenda for their meeting on July 20, 2021.   

Tustin Landscape and Lighting District Map