Tustin Landscape and Lighting District (TLLD)

In the 1980's, when the area known as Tustin Ranch was being planned, a maintenance district was formed to ensure the continuous maintenance and improvement of street lighting and landscaping along City streets.  Recently, a number of projects have been completed throughout the District to enhance the landscape and improve the lighting.  Some of these projects are more obvious than others.  For example, some of the improvements you may have noticed include replacement of the landscaping at major intersections and the conversion of the street light system to LED.  Some of the less obvious improvements include irrigation replacements and the installation of groundcover that will eventually spread to control erosion and help reduce watering needs.  Each project, large or small, is intended to enhance the character of the neighborhoods within the District.  

The City hosted a virtual town hall will be held on Wednesday, August 26, 2020 to help residents better understand what an assessment district is an provide the community with an opportunity to provide feedback about the landscape within the District.  The town hall was recorded and can be accessed here

Frequently asked question

What is the Tustin Ranch Landscape and Lighting Assessment District?

The Tustin Ranch Landscape and Lighting Assessment District was formed in the 1980s as part of Tustin Ranch planning. It is intended to enhance the character of our neighborhoods by ensuring continuous maintenance and improvement of lighting and landscaping along city streets within District boundaries.

 How does the District benefit our community?

The District ensures lighting and landscaping is maintained and updated along city streets within District boundaries or benefit area. This includes lighting improvements, irrigation upgrades and replacements, and planting and maintaining trees, shrubs and other plants. 

Some projects, such as conversion to LED lights and landscaping at major intersections are easily visible to the public. Others may be less noticeable but provide value to the community, such as planting groundcover to control erosion and reduce watering needs. 

How is the District different from other City lighting and landscape programs?

The District allows the Tustin Ranch community to receive more landscaping and lighting maintenance and improvements than other areas of the City. Only the people who live in the District benefit from the enhancements. 

How do I know if I live within the benefit area?

You can use the map below to determine if you live within the Tustin Ranch Landscape and Lighting Assessment District.

What is an Assessment District?

Assessment Districts allow local agencies to finance the cost of public improvements and services to homeowners within a benefit area. They can only be established with majority approval. Assessment Districts help each property owner pay a fair share of the costs of improvements or services over a period of years.

How is it funded?

Assessment Districts are funded by an assessment, or charge, to each property within the benefit area. The assessment is collected through annual property tax bills. The funds are only used to pay for improvements within the Assessment District. 

Tustin Landscape and Lighting District Map