Department Overview

The Finance Department serves the public as well as provides financial and administrative services for other departments, including IT support and Customer Service for Tustin Water Utility patrons. Our department helps other departments function smoothly and efficiently, and serves our citizens by providing excellent customer service. 

Finance reports on the financial position of the City and offers functional support to all City departments. The Department is responsible for:

  • The City’s Annual Financial Budget
  • Budget Reports 
  • State-Required Financial Reports
  • Processes Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Revenue Collection Including Water Payments, Development, and Impact Fees
  • City’s Fixed Assets and Payroll
  • Collects Business License Taxes
  • Issuing Business Licences
  • Contracts with an Independent Certified Public Accountant for the City’s Annual Audit

audit commission

Audit Commission Members