Department Overview

The Finance Division provides financial services and accounting support for the City, the City of Tustin Successor Agency to the City of Tustin Redevelopment Agency, the Water Utility and the City's Special Assessment Districts. It is responsible for recording the financial activities of the City in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and standards of the National Committee on Governmental Accounting and Auditing.

Water Service Billing


The City Council set a Public Hearing to receive testimony on the proposed water rates for FY 2019-2020 through FY 2023-2024.  The Public Hearing has been set for Tuesday January 21, 2020 at 7 PM.  

The following flyer provides background information on the cost of water.    

Flyer: The Value of Water


New policy regarding discontinuation of residential water service for non-payment.

Please refer to our new policy:

Discontinuation of Residential Water Service for Non-Payment.

Administrative functions of the Water Utility are responsible for, but not limited to:

  • Cash management
  • Customer billings
  • Customer service inquiries
  • Financial analysis
  • Liaison to field operations in the construction of:
    • Infrastructure
    • Major capital improvements
    • Ongoing operational maintenance
  • Meter reading
  • Rate analysis
  • Risk management

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) works with all other departments and divisions throughout the City to ensure that all technology needs are being met and that technology is being adequately utilized to advance the overall mission of the City. In doing this, IT designs, develops, administers, and maintains various telecommunications and computer networks and operating systems and related services, as well as:

  • Databases
  • Individual computers
  • Local Area Network
  • Operating systems
  • Servers
  • Software applications
  • Wide Area Network