Accounting Services

The Finance Department processes payments to vendors (Accounts Payable) and invoices for city services (Accounts Receivable).

The Accounts Payable Section of the Finance Division is a centralized payment processing center. Approval for invoices is the responsibility of contracting City Departments.

Accounts Payable Process

Departments approve invoices and forward them to Accounts Payable. We process invoices and issue payments weekly.

Taxpayer Identification Numbers

Vendors must submit a current W-9 form before we can issue payment. We issue IRS 1099 forms to qualifying vendors paid more than $600 for services provided annually.

If you have a question regarding the payment status of an invoice, please contact the contracting department directly.

Direct Deposit

If you are a current contractor, please contact us to set up direct deposit for payments.

Contact us


  • (714) 573-3069



accounts receivable

Accounts Receivable is responsible for billing, ensuring funds are received when due, properly accounted for, and safeguarded.

If you receive a bill and have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (714) 573-3065.