Animal Bites & Nuisance Issues

If you need immediate assistance or have been bitten by an animal, please dial 911.


If you have been bitten by an animal, and there is a skin break, Animal Control may have to quarantine the animal or have it tested for rabies. Dogs and cats are routinely subject to quarantine if they have caused a skin break to a human being with their teeth. Dog owners having knowledge that their dog or cat has bitten another person are required to report the incident to Animal Control immediately.

Not all animals are subject to quarantine. Animal Control does not routinely examine low risk animals such as rabbits, rodents, hamsters, or guinea pigs.

Report Animal Bite

To report an animal bite, call Orange County Animal Care at 714-796-6421 or fill out their online form.

barking dog information

For information regarding barking dogs, visit Orange County Animal Care.

More Information

For more information on animal bites and nuisance issues, visit Orange County Animal Care.