SolarApp+ for Solar Installers

SolarApp+ Automated Solar Plan Reviews

SolarApp Logo Opens in new window At this time, SolarAPP+ is designed to provide a code-compliance check for the majority of residential, roof-mounted, retrofit photovoltaic systems. 

  1. Confirm Project Eligibility 

    • To see which systems are eligible, please refer to the Eligibility Checklist. Only projects that conform to this list are eligible to use the automated SolarAPP+ portal for instant permitting. 
    • Properties located within the Cultural Resource District (CRD) or listed in the City's Historic Resource Survey as an eligible individual property are not eligible for this permit streamlining program. See the List of Ineligible Properties.
      • If your property is on the list above, you will need to send the application and plans to, where they will be processed for traditional review.
      • For assistance in determining if your project is within these bounds, please contact Planning staff at (714) 573-3140 or 
    • Application for ineligible projects may result in denial or revocation of permit.
  2. Submit for Automated Review through SolarAPP+

    1. To start using SolarAPP+, licensed contractors may register and submit your design through the SolarAPP+ Webpage.
      • Plans must be submitted by a pre-approved contractor 
    2. A processing fee will be charged by SolarAPP+ for each application submitted. Upon submittal, download the approved plans for inclusion with your City permit application.
  3. Apply for a Tustin Permit

    1. Apply for a City of Tustin Electrical Photovoltaic (SolarAPP) permit via the City's CSS Portal
      • There are multiple permits types listed: standalone solar, solar with battery, solar with panel upgrade, or solar with battery and panel upgrade. Be sure to select the correct permit type for your application as permit type cannot be modified once selected.
    2. Pay City fees for the permit. 
    3.  At issuance, an email will be sent to the applicant, including the following:
      • Job Card
      • Permit
      • Inspection Information Handout
  4. Schedule Inspection

    1. Login to your CSS account and navigate to your permit by selecting My Work or searching for the permit number including letters and dashes (SAPP-202X-XXXXX).
    2. Click on the Inspections button under the permit info and select the inspection being requested.
      • The deadline for next-day inspections is 3:00 PM the prior business day.
      • To receive a timeframe for your inspection, you may call the inspectors between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM on the day of the inspection. Phone numbers can be found on the job card or on the Inspection Requests tab
    3. The following documents will need to be printed and on site for all inspections:
      • Job Card
      • Permit
      • Layout site plan
      • SolarApp approval document
      • Spec Sheet
  5. Revisions

    • If there have been changes to the previously submitted plans, you will need to submit a revision.
      1. Submit the revision through SolarApp+ first
      2. Download the SolarApp+ Approval Document
      3. Login to CSS account and navigate to your existing  permit.
      4. Under Attachments, add the Revised SolarApp Approval Document, Revised Plans, and Revision Narrative Letter files.
    • If the scope of the revision makes the project ineligible for use of SolarAPP+, email Tustin Building at to coordinate the revision submittal process.