Permits Process

Submit plans and completed permit applications along with all relevant plans and information via email to

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Grading, Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, & Electrical Projects

1. Prepare & Submit Plans

Before any grading or building-related construction or installation can occur, plans must be prepared and submitted to the City and reviewed for compliance with Zoning regulations, the Grading Ordinance, and the Building Code. At this level of review, the focus is on public health and safety issues such as structural integrity, earthquake safety, fire protection and accessibility requirements. 

Please note, many proposed construction activities require plans to be prepared by a licensed design professional (e.g, an architect, engineer, etc.). Call a Building Technician at 714-573-3131 or 714-573-3132 during business hours if you have a question. The following links are helpful in completing plan preparation and submittal:

Unless a special zoning or other approval is required (Planning Commission approval, etc.), first submittal plan check should take approximately 10 working days to complete, with subsequent submittals returned within five working days.

2. Obtain a Permit

When The City has completed plan review and determined that the proposed project meets federal, state and local code requirements, a permit may be issued. You or your licensed design professional will be requested to pay required fees to obtain a permit. A permit is valid for 180 days, unless work is active and progressing, in which case the permit will continue to be valid until the project is complete.

3. Schedule an Inspection

During various phases of construction or grading, Building Division Inspectors must review the work to ensure that it is proceeding consistent with the approved plans and the law. To request an inspection of a project, please call the inspection request line at 714-573-3141 and leave your permit number, project address, and the name of a contact person, one day in advance. Or, submit a request online for an inspection by visiting the Inspection Request Page.

4. Plan Review and Turnaround Times

Tustin Building Plan Checkers and Inspectors are typically available every day to provide service at the front counter and answer home-owner, business-owner, and contractor questions in order to expedite plan check and permit issuance. Plan checks that cannot be accomplished at the counter are completed and returned to the applicant within a very fast 10-working day (First Submittal), and 5-working days for subsequent submittals. In addition, applicants can request expedited plan check services ensuring a more rapid plan check response when urgently needed (with the payment of a slightly higher fee).