Tustin Historic Resources Survey


The 2021 Historic Resources Survey considered all properties including buildings, structures, objects, and sites constructed through 1976, which includes properties at least 45 years of age by the end of 2021.  The survey included approximately 330 properties previously identified in the 1990 and 2003 historical resources surveys and the entire Cultural Resources District (CRD).  The survey also considered the remainder of the City (with the exception of Tustin Ranch and Tustin Legacy Specific Plan areas below) to identify additional properties of potential significance.  The final survey report did not result in any properties receiving formal historic designation as part of the survey; this is a completely separate process subject to public notification, participation, and review

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As an important land use planning tool, staff, the Planning Commission, and the City Council will use the survey to make informed decisions related to historic resources, guide homeowners and developers, develop and implement land use policies, perform environmental review pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), consider adaptive reuse of existing resources, and educate the public in understanding and in appreciation of the community’s history.   

The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) forms are primary records of each identified historic resource and can be used by property owners to nominate their properties to the California or National Register of Historic Places.  Staff will use the DPR forms to inform and guide the review of potential alterations of historic buildings. The updated 2020 DPR forms combined the information that was contained in the prior DPR forms prepared during 1990 and 2003 surveys.  

Previous Surveys

1990 Historic Resource Survey

2003 Historic Resource Survey